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Australia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Africa, Nepal, UK


6 days / 5 nights

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Candi Dasa

4 days / 3 nights

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Lombok, Mt Rinjani / Gili Air

8 days / 7 nights Group Program

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Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida

6 days / 5 nights

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From breakdown to breakthrough, bring the magic back into your life.

What High Vibe Retreats delivers to you:

Fun-filled, relaxing retreats, time out just for you to clean the slate and reinvent a happier, healthier, more vibrant you.


Serenity is a 5th generation Clairvoyant and Transformational Coach with an incredible passion for happiness, freedom and joy for herself and everyone.  She has had a successful practice for more than 25 years helping people from all walks of life from around the globe.


As a clairvoyant Serenity is able to see deep into your psyche and help identify the painful deep-seated memories of subconscious programs that are hidden beneath your many habits and addictions.  Most programming comes from your parents, grandparents, great grandparents and your environment


With a great sense of humour, plenty of understanding and compassion Serenity works with you either one-on-one or in a group.  She helps you turn negatives into positives and to see the world through new eyes.  She will assist you in smashing your way through blockages and releasing all your unwanted baggage into the cosmic waste bin. This allows you to make way for all the new positives to enter your life.


From Australia, Bali, Lombok and Sri Lanka we have a team of beautiful souls dedicated to helping you have a fun and relaxing time.

Katie Hawkes:  Australian. Yoga/Palates and creative movement coach

Deanne McDonnell: Australian. Kids for Kids Retreats coordinator and trainee assistant

Mudi:  Balinese. Spiritual Healer, motivator and trek guide

Tutik and team:  Lombokian. Spiritual Leader, wise and knowledgeable about Mount Rinjani and local mysteries

Senaka:  Sri Lankan. Spiritual Healer and New Energy Coach

High Vibe Retreats has many wonderful friends and family from around the globe that assist with the running of our retreats, we look forward to you all meeting. Timing is everything.


Change of environment has already been proven to give the opportunity for lasting, positive changes for anyone who is ready to commit to change.

Experience Holy Treks, Powerful Waterfalls, Secluded Beaches for cleansing and purifying meditation;  mystical caves;  enjoy jungles, safaris, snorkeling;  be pampered with therapeutic body treatments while you immerse yourself in your journey to heal.

High Vibe Retreats supports and sponsors all communities, environmental issues and will always endeavour to give opportunity to those less fortunate as we travel to new places.

Your choice of program will also benefit someone else or some other project as the core focus of HVR is to help create a better world.


Shambhala Rinjani


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Kids 4 Kids


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Meet the Team



Clairvoyant Life Coach Healer



Coordinator and Facilitator



Kids For Kids Coordinator / Facilitator



Physiotherapist / Feldenkrais Practitioner



Trek Guide

Being around her is playful and exciting energy gives you a chance to reach for the stars, feel it, be it, and immerse yourself in the endless possibilities that await you


Jeannie was an inspiration, touching my heart and being from deep inside, and meeting her I was to discover none other than a lightworker with a difference that truly helped me to become aware of so many of my own strengths and abililities which lay within me dormant, hidden by my own limited patterns of belief as I sought to cultivate my teaching style from thought into awareness and action.

Richard JonesUK

It was a truly memorable weekend away for which I am truly grateful. As well as being relaxing, from the moment we arrived I felt my mind quietening and my heart opening